Restaurant Hippocampus ·

Restaurant Hippocampus ·


The restaurant, opened in 1996 by Sergio Artiaco & Cosimo Ruggiero, with its classic ambiance featuring beautiful marble floors, dark wooden furniture, and white tablecloths, also sets the clear direction for the cuisine.

The philosophy of Hippocampus – special hospitality combined with creative Italian cuisine – is continued by Gianfranco Artiaco & Domenico “Mimmo” Castiglia in the same style. Both are long-time experienced employees. This ensures that the tradition of the establishment is lovingly maintained while simultaneously intertwined with the modern, innovative spirit of a younger generation.

Sergio Artiaco & Cosimo Ruggiero remain with Hippocampus and provide advisory support to the two successors.


At Hippocampus, we believe in constant motion. Under the leadership of Mimmo and Gianfranco, we strive to blend traditional values with fresh, innovative ideas. Our concept is not only to create excellent dishes but also to cultivate an atmosphere that continuously delights our guests. In doing so, we pay special attention to preserving our Italian identity. It’s no coincidence that the critically acclaimed Hippocampus has been known both domestically and internationally for almost 30 years.


In the Ristorante Hippocampus in Bogenhausen, the true art of Italian cuisine unfolds. Chef Mimmo Ruggiero creates culinary masterpieces from fresh, seasonal ingredients, blending traditional recipes with modern accents. Each dish is a feast for the senses, carefully prepared to celebrate the rich palette of Italian flavors. Our extensive wine list, featuring carefully selected Italian wines, complements the tasting experience and completes your visit to our establishment.

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Mühlbaurstrasse 5
81677 Munich

Kitchen Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday
from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
from 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays



We place great importance on the quality and origin of our ingredients, sourcing seasonal products fresh from the market. Our goal is to showcase the best of Italy without being confined to regional limitations. We offer a diverse cuisine ranging from purist-creative dishes to timeless classics, all with a deep Italian understanding of finesse, precise seasoning, cooking techniques, and digestibility.


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We strive to create an environment where excellence and creativity can thrive. At Hippocampus, we believe that the secret to an unforgettable gastronomic experience lies in the attention we dedicate to each dish and each guest. We warmly invite you to savor the fruits of our passion and become a part of Hippocampus’s story, where tradition and innovation blend in a unique way.